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 A Bit About Me 

A Wife &

A Momma.

Passionate about natural, nontoxic living.

My name is Nicole Bosworth, and I am on a journey towards natural, nontoxic living. In college my eyes were opened to the world of harmful toxins in the products I (and you!) use daily. Those sneaky devils are everywhere - our food, cosmetics, cleaning products, plastic containers (to name just a few).

When I got married I started digging deeper into learning the impact these toxins have on our health, and I was shocked by what I found. Hormone disruption and infertility are among the top issues - two problems I was facing!

I began a two year hormone balance journey and FINALLY got pregnant with a sweet baby girl. Now my hearts desire is helping people transition into a more natural lifestyle by avoiding these harmful disruptors and experiencing internal healing. It isn't impossible to live a nontoxic life!


I hope you join me on this journey towards creating a safe, nontoxic home for my family and yours.

Herbal Oils

Join Me

If you want to join me on my essential oil journey or learn more about becoming a member of Young Living click below.


Tips & Tricks

If you'd like practical, daily tips on how to use your oils OR how to transition to natural, nontoxic living follow me on Instagram.

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