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Let's Talk Lavender

The first essential oil I ever used was a small bottle of lavender oil gifted to me from a dear friend. I was in college and don't quite remember why she gave it to me. It wasn't my birthday or a special occasion. Maybe I wasn't sleeping well or was overwhelmed by school, or maybe she was just being a kind friend; but looking back, I am so thankful for that little gift. Although I didn't know it at the time, this wasn't actually a little gift at all. This tiny bottle of yummy smelling oil set me on the lifelong journey towards nontoxic living and natural healing.

If you are new to the world of essential oils and nontoxic living, lavender oil is a great place to start. There are SO many uses for it, and it has become a staple oil in my home - plus, it's safe for the whole family! Here are six reasons to use, and fall in love with, lavender essential oil:

1. Relaxation

  • Lavender has a calming effect on both the mind & body. Diffusing this oil into the air, applying it to your palms, or simply inhaling it from the bottle reduces stress & anxiety. When life gets CRAZY and I feel all over the place, either mentally or emotionally, this is my go to oil. Not only does it calm me down, but on top of feeling relaxed, this oil supports healthy brain function 🙌🏼

2. Spicing up your cosmetic routine

  • Lavender oil is unbelievably useful in the world of beauty and cosmetics. This natural, nontoxic oil is know for promoting hair growth, healthy skin, & calming redness. Put a few drops of lavender in your face wash for a calming night time routine, drop some in your shampoo to promote healthy hair growth, or add it to your body lotion to help with excess production of sebum (that’s the oily, waxy stuff our skin produces). This oil is also known for healing acne and scarring because of its ability to promote tissue regeneration. SIGN ME UP 🙋🏼‍♀️

3. Healing power

  • On top of healing acne and fading scars, this oil does wonders for healing burns & cuts. Lavender is antiseptic and anti-fungal, so it keeps things clean and stops the growth of bacteria and germs. This oil also helps with redness and hives. In college I went through a period of time when literally EVERYTHING gave me an allergic reaction, so lavender became my best friend. I would apply it topically to my hives or even put a drop under my tongue. When applied to the back of the neck or temples, lavender also relieves headaches, AND it helps alleviate menstrual cramping 🙌🏼 put some on a warm washcloth or massage it directly onto your lower abdomen. Additionally, this oil works wonders during allergy season. Apply topically to sinus areas to soothe the respiratory system. The list of health benefits really could go on and on.

4. Bug repellent

  • Another HUGE pro about lavender oil is its ability to keep away some pretty pesky bugs. I LOVE spending time outside, and this oil helps keep me there all year long. Crushed lavender leaves create a smell that naturally repels mosquitos, flies, moths, fleas, ticks, and chiggers. Thank the Lord 😅 This oil simultaneously calms me down and keeps me bug free. On top of it all, if a bug DOES bite you, lavender oil helps relieve itchy skin - so it’s really a double win.

5. Sore muscles

  • My husband is super athletic. From playing softball on the weekends to running an entire marathon his muscles get their fair share of a work out. When this happens, lavender oil can really save the day. This oil is dual purpose as it relieves both pain AND inflammation. Apply this oil topically directly to sore muscles OR run a hot bath with some lavender to help relieve tired muscles.

6. Smells (& tastes) YUMMY!

  • Another simple reason I absolutely adore this oil, is because it both freshens and purifies the air all while leaving a lovely (not overbearing or super sweet) floral aroma. It pairs well with many other scents as well. My diffuser sits close by the kitchen door, and when people come in I get compliments about the smell all the time. Thanks lavender 💜 I have also put a few drops of this oil in my coffee, lattes, and other pastries because I genuinely love the taste of this oil. And on the plus side, it reduces blood fat and cholesterol! Give it a try 😋

If you’re interested in getting some lavender oil (which I highly recommend), click that little bottle of Young Living lavender directly above & make sure you use my member number (25309314) when you checkout!!

Happy Healing!!

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