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My Sensitive Skin

I’ve always been someone with sensitive skin. Growing up I was extra careful about what products I used and envied the girls who could slather on every lotion and perfume under the sun without a care in the world. I was especially jealous of girls who could use glittery face masks, floral bath bombs, and dollar store makeup without getting itchy, red hives. As an young girl my sensitive skin was a frustration. Something that kept me from being a normal girl playing with costume makeup and fitting in.

I distinctly remember my six birthday party unwrapping a large box gifted to me by one of the coolest girls there. Pink and purple body lotion and bubble bath sparkled at me from inside the shiny packaging. I was delighted. That night my mom started a bath, poured in the sparkly soap, and we watched as bubbles formed. It didn’t take more than ten seconds for my skin to turn BRIGHT pink and start to burn. As I started to cry my mom ran in, scooped me up, and rinsed me off. That was the last time I ever saw that glitter soap.

As a child I never thought about WHY these products made me turn bright pink and itchy, I only new I couldn’t use them and was therefore missing out. When I got older, I started looking into the reality of what goes into our cosmetics. I realized the reaction my skin had, and still has, to these fancily packaged “essentials” was my bodies way of warning me that something was wrong. While other girls might tolerate these products better externally, they are just as detrimental internally.

Harmful chemicals that fill these products are always bad whether your skin warns you or not. As an adult I am thankful my skin was so sensitive, because it kept lots of these disruptive and toxic chemicals from entering my body. As women it’s our job to be mindful and intentional about the things we rub onto our skin, because what we put on our skin goes into our bodies and disrupts the way our bodies naturally work.

EVERYONE. I challenge you to look at your beauty products this week - makeup, lotions, bath products, perfume, anything you put on your body - and see how many of your products contain toxins. If they do GET RID OF THEM. Your endocrine system will thank you (I’ll write more about the endocrine system in later posts). There are so many natural, nontoxic alternatives to cosmetics these days that will not put your internal health at risk. If you want to order from Young Living’s cosmetic line let me know!! They have incredible products that are all natural!! I just ordered their Lavender shampoo and Lavender Mint conditioner and can’t wait to try it. If not, there are plenty of other options. You don't have to sacrifice balanced hormones for the sake of smelling and looking good. Do yourself a favor and go nontoxic.

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